31115 LEGO CREATOR 3en1 Space Miner


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31115 LEGO CREATOR 3en1 Space Miner

31115 LEGO space miner Mecca®CREATOR®3in1

Your fan LEGO®He will love to represent bold action scenes with the impressive Creator 3en1 space mining mecca (31115). The toy mecca features articulated legs and arms, different facial expressions and fantastic accessories, such as a circular saw and a propellant backpack on the back: everything a kid needs to have a great time playing stories for hours.

Best toys for creative fun
Space fans and robots will enjoy 3 building experiences and play with this LEGO Creator 3en1. They will be able to create the space mining mecca, which comes with a figure of an alien and a set of crystals, and then turn it into a quadrupede robot articulated with robotic pilot or a LEGO articulated bipedal Mecca.

An amazing 3en1 toy collection
Each LEGO Creator 3en1 construction toy box allows you to create 3 models, which is equivalent to an exciting world of possibilities!

⦁ Creative children can use the toy mecca to compete against an alien for possession of the crystals or tour the Galaxy in a quadruped robot charger, or wage space battles with a biped Mecca!
⦁ The articulated space mining mecca features a circular saw, a propellant backpack and different facial expressions, while both the quadruped robot and the biped Mecca are accompanied by a robo
⦁ With its 327 pieces, this LEGO set®Creator 3en1 offers a rewarding building experience to 7 year or older space enthusiasts and is perfect as a birthday or Christmas gift.
⦁ This toy mecca measures approximately 15 cm high: a fantastic portable size to play at home or on the go.
⦁ Creates even more exciting adventures by combining it with other LEGO sets®Creator 3en1: wild lion (31112), racing car transport (31113), Supermoto (31114), tree house on Savannah (31116) and Surfera house on the beach (31118).
⦁ The sets LEGO®Creator 3en1 allows children to enjoy the imaginative game for endless hours while inventing trepidants stories from the 3 amazing and showy models that can be created with each box.
⦁ For over 6 decades, bricks to build LEGO®They are manufactured with high quality materials to ensure that they connect and separate without difficulty over and over again.
⦁ The bricks to build LEGO®Meet strict global security standards.

Original figures

All our figures are original. Manufactured by The LEGO Group, and served by Lego Spain.

We strive to send you the product with as much protection as possible, with a sturdy box, and some of the other details.


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