Lego Classic Bricks 11030 original


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Lego Classic Bricks 11030 original

11014 bricks and wheels LEGO®CLASSIC®

The stunning LEGO toy building set®Classic bricks and wheels (11014) is fantastic as a gift for kids who love game activities with their hands. In addition, with the 9 inspiring ideas to build that we propose (all with wheels) and the elements and bricks, surely boys, girls, friends and family will enjoy endless hours of creative fun.

What’s in the box?
Everything a little one needs to create a model of a car, a train, a school bus, a robot, a skater zebra, a race car, a wheelchair bunny, A rolling duck and a monkey on a skateboard-banana.

Perfect for children from 4 years
The little ones will love to play with these fun LEGO toys. And, as each model comes with a simple building Guide and digital building instructions, even first-time builders are going to be able to feel the satisfaction and pride of building their own LEGO toys.

The children and their friends and family will be able to bring out their creative side with 9 toys to build and a colorful selection of wheels, bricks and elements that put the imagination behind the wheel.
-What does the box contain? What you need to build a car, a train, a bus, a robot, a skater zebra, a race car, a wheelchair bunny, A rolling duck and a monkey on a skateboard-banana, and more LEGO bricks®!
-This high-quality toy building set is packed with creative ideas to enjoy rewarding building and game experiences. To continue the creative fun, your little one can combine it with other LEGO sets®.
⦁ The game LEGO®Classic bricks and wheels (11014) is a stunning gift for any occasion, suitable for boys and girls from 4 years old.
© With your 653 pieces LEGO®The little ones will be able to build everything they can think of!
The inside of the box you will discover independent brick bags containing all the pieces LEGO®You’ll need to create 1 or 2 models. Choose the one you want, open the bag of bricks, and start building!
⦁ Includes easy-to-follow construction instructions for children from 4 years old. With them, even first-time builders will be able to experience the fun and pride of creating their own LEGO toys®.
⦁ LEGO®Classic put ideas and inspiration in the hands of the little ones with games that promote free play and allow them to have endless fun while developing their creative thinking and fine motor skills.
⦁ All elements and LEGO bricks®They are manufactured in accordance with strict quality standards, so they always offer the same qualities, are compatible with each other and work again and again.
© LEGO construction toys®Go through extensive testing to ensure that every game meets strict safety standards.

Original figures

All our figures are original. Manufactured by The LEGO Group, and served by Lego Spain.

We strive to send you the product with the greatest possible protection, with a resistant box, and some other details.


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