3D Printing Pen 5V & PLA Filament

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3D Printing Pen 5V & PLA Filament

Discharging mode: Hot melt extrusion molding
Molding:Three-dimensional molding
Print range: Unlimited
Output: DC 5V 2A (Can Be Charged By Power bank)
Temperature:Self adjusting temperature
Spiting speed:1-3 level adjustable
Nozzle diameter:0.7MM
Supplies diameter:1.75MM PLA/ABS
Product material:Plastic shell
LCD display can directly show the information like supplies type, speed, temperature, warning, more humanized display interface
Intelligent sleep, It enter into dormant state automatically if without operation for 3 minutes, the nozzle stop heating, more secure to use
Press the feed button to enter the filament, then press the feed key to stop the filament.
Click “Return” button to Return the filament
Package Included:
1 x 3D Pen Set

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DIY 3D Printer Pen

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