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Review = Discount

up to 50%

Click on this button and leave a positive Google review to receive your discount. After leaving your review contact customer service.

Limited time offer!

Hello happy shoppers! For limited time only our website is offering up to 50% discount in exchange for a positive Google review. So if you wish to score some discounts on all items, all you need to do is to leave a positive review on this link Creations De Palm and send our customers service a message with your name and email. Shortly after our team checks your review you will receive your discount coupon. Ready to use no strings attached. It’s as easy as that.

So wait no longer and hurry up get your free discount coupon. You can also get multiple discounts. There is no limit restrictions on how many per person. But there is a limit per purchase. You can only use 1 discount coupon per purchase.

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Request a Special Item

request a special item

New on our website! Customers can request a special item and Creations De Palm will go and find it. Click here

The way it works: If a customer is looking for a specific item. Creations De Palm will ask the customer to fill in a form describing the item. And we will use our connections to find the item at the lowest price we can offer. The item will be added to our shop and made exclusively for the customer to purchase.

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Fast delivery products

fast delivery is working on bettering our logistics with fast delivery services.

These last few months have been troublesome for most of our customers. Due to the pandemic all of our shipments have been delayed. And it takes longer for our products to arrive at their destination because of logistic companies having trouble delivering the packages on time.

This is why we created a new page with items that can be delivered faster. We sorted out our product range and selected the right items that have specific logistics. These items can be sent with special couriers and can reduce the waiting period.

We are still sorting our product range and more items will be added gradually to our new Fast Delivery page. So make sure to keeping checking our site for new fast delivery items.

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Removed Games Page

Removed Games

Recently we have not been receiving a lot of traffic on the games page. This is why we decided to remove this page from our website. If you, our costumers want this page to come back please leave a comment below. In addition, we would like to offer you a good experience on our website. And by removing the games page will allow for faster loading times and better usability. We hope to see great results on your user experience in the future. Happy shopping.

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Special Corona Discount

Special Corona Discount

Do you need a special webshop or website to keep your business going. Get it Here!

In these troubled situations we offer all business owners fast and quick professional service at a great discount. So do not hesitate to get your webshop or website up and running with in a few days. We are offering special “pandemic” low prices in your time of need. Prices start from €150 depending on the type of design. And your business branch. Please contact us for more information. Or go to this Link and: Requests yours now!

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Don’t feel like making a purchase?

Online Games

No worries! Try our new Games page.

A place where you can relax and enjoy online games. Just for fun. On the go. And any time you want! No purchases needed. Only Fun!

Today it seems like blaming video games for social or moral decline might feel like something new. But fears about the effects of recreational games on society as a whole are centuries old. History shows a cycle of apprehension and acceptance about games that is very like events of modern times.

And despite the Buddha’s concern, chess has not historically raised concerns about addiction. Scholars’ attention to chess is focused on mastery and the wonders of the mind, not the potential of being addicted to playing. In the middle part of the 20th century, one particular type of game emerged as a frequent target of politician concern and playing it was even outlawed in cities across the country. That game was pinball. But the parallels with today’s concerns about video games are clear. What do you think?

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