Lego Avatar Adventure in Skimwing 75576 Original


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Lego Avatar Adventure in Skimwing 75576 Original

60265 ocean: LEGO exploration Base®CITY®

Children who love the sea and all their lives will be passionate about the LEGO game set®City ocean exploration Base (60265). You’ll have a great time exploring the ocean covered with corals or relaxing inside the base with its interchangeable room and research lab modules. In addition, with a fantastic toy crane, a coupled submarine and a underwater drone, as well as figures of a shark and a poisonous stripe, and minifigures of a team of 5 explorers the peques are expecting many emotions and a lot to discover!

An immersive construction experience
Instructions for building this LEGO toy®City 5 + are found in the box and are very easy to follow. However, you can also connect to the Internet and download Instructions PLUS, part of the LEGO mounting Instructions for smartphones and tablets app. With amazing approach, turn and display tools, this interactive construction guide will quickly turn beginners into construction with LEGO into true master builders!

An exciting exploration toy for children
LEGO City is proud to support the work of National Geographic Explorers. And, with its very detailed buildings, fascinating vehicles and fun characters, our ocean game sets propose great realism game situations to future explorers.

⦁ Children will be able to dive full into imaginative underwater adventures with the amazing LEGO game set®City ocean exploration Base (60265). It has everything the peques need to enjoy a fun and rewarding game experience.
⦁ What’s in the box? A toy ocean exploration base with interchangeable room and research laboratory modules, as well as a coupled submarine, a underwater drone, 5 minifigures of researchers and figures of a shark and a poisonous stripe.
⦁ The LEGO exploration Base®City ocean is made up of interchangeable room and research laboratory modules as well as a coupled submarine with mobile inspection arms, rotating propellers and swing cabin with space for two minifigures.
⦁ Are you looking for fun toys for a peque 5 years or more? This game set is ideal for giving it to you for Christmas, for your birthday or any other time to LEGO fans®City and children excited about the performance game. Only very basic construction skills are required.
Once built, the scan Base measures approximately 20 cm in height, 27 cm in width and 15 cm in depth; Underwater drone measures approximately 3 cm in height, 6 cm in length and 3 cm in width.
Do you need batteries? No, this building set feeds on the enormous imagination of the smaller ones. Just open the LEGO bricks bags!®And you can start having fun immediately!
⦁ This construction set comes with a printed Construction Guide and the Instructions PLUS experience: an interactive construction guide for small builders available as part of the free app LEGO mounting Instructions®For smart devices.
⦁ LEGO®City is proud to support the work of National Geographic Explorers, who, with their innovative work, help build a better world for all of us. LEGO City Ocean gaming sets discover the peques the exciting world of underwater exploration.
⦁ Every LEGO game set®City Ocean is designed according to the industry’s strictest criteria and standards. For this reason, LEGO elements and bricks always offer the same qualities, are compatible with each other, and connect and separate easily over and over again.
⦁ LEGO elements and bricks®They are dropped, heated, crushed, twisted and analyzed to ensure that the building set of each PEDs meets the requirements of the most demanding international safety and quality standards.

Original figures

All our figures are original. Manufactured by The LEGO Group, and served by Lego Spain.

We strive to send you the product with as much protection as possible, with a sturdy box, and some of the other details.


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