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42117 LEGO racing plane®TECHNIC™

Bring the exciting world of aerobatic planes to life with the LEGO racing plane®Technic (42117). This gift for boys and girls from 7 years old includes details such as a propeller that rotates when the plane is pushed, as well as folding engine covers. The striking color scheme in turquoise and orange, in addition to the graphic motives of the sponsor, make it a fantastic gift detail for any occasion: it is like a real racing plane!

2 in 1 model
This toy plane becomes a jet plane so the kids can keep building and have a great time. Getting down to business is easy, as this set comes with Instructions PLUS. Available in the free LEGO assembly instructions app, this interactive guide includes approach and turn tools, in addition to ghost mode, to help children build themselves.

Hours creative building
The LEGO Technic Universe offers advanced construction toys for young LEGO fans who are willing to face their next challenge. With vehicles that look like the real ones and work like them, these sets offer a magnificent introduction to the world of engineering and mechanics.

Surprise your aspiring pilot by giving him the LEGO toy®Technical Racing aircraft (42117). With its vibrant colors, graphic sponsor motifs and rotating propeller, it looks like the real ones.
Includes plenty of details to discover for kids who love flying toys. Take a look at the drop-down engine covers, landing gear and rotating propeller, and have fun participating in airplane races.
The little ones will love to build this rugged toy aerobatic aircraft and then turn it into A jet plane to continue having fun with creativity.
It is fantastic as a surprise, Christmas or birthday gift for children from 7 years old with fascination for acrobatic toy planes.
The model racing aircraft measures approximately 9 cm in height (propeller included), 18 cm in length and 23 cm in width.
Instructions PLUS is an interactive guide that adds even more fun to the building experience. LEGO mounting instructions available in the free app®, Has Approach and turn tools to help the little ones build alone.
The universe LEGO®Technic offers advanced construction toys for young LEGO fans who are willing to face their next creative challenge.
LEGO components®Technic comply with the strictest standards in the sector, so they always offer the same qualities, are compatible with each other and connect firmly over and over again; That’s how it has been since 1958.
LEGO components®Technical are dropped, heated, crushed, twisted and analyzed to make sure they meet the requirements of the strictest international safety standards.

Original figures

All our figures are original. Manufactured by The LEGO Group, and served by Lego Spain.

We strive to send you the product with the greatest possible protection, with a resistant box, and some other details.


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